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QRS Software Services offers Blu-Ray authoring in Los Angeles, CA. We can assist your company through the design, programming, testing, and manufacturing stages of your Blu-Ray authory project. We can use your existing source material, and then build from there. We can also repair, diagnose, and re-author problematic Blu-Ray projects.

QRS Software Services can program your interactive features and content with your guidance. Our Blu-Ray discs use high-definition audio and video, and they are perfect for any advanced interactive features. We can create high-quality H.264 encoding video. In addition to what is already possible on DVD, there are additional Blu-Ray authoring benefits.

Blu-Ray offers previews, trailers, copyright notices, auto-play, and looping. We can include multiple subtitle and audio tracks, and alternative camera angles. Customers can request seamless multiple story branching, chapter points and markers, and slide shows and galleries. We can also work with motion and still backgrounds, Easter eggs and hidden menus, transitions and special effects, and specific project-interactive menu design.

Blu-Ray has storage capability that is more than five times the amount of standard DVDs. Therefore, Blu-Ray is at the top of digital optical media. We are equipped with replication facilities that can accommodate both high-definition and high-density choices. Our Blu-Ray production services are fast and convenient, and we will provide discs to check before any Blu-Ray manufacturing in Los Angeles, CA is complete.

In addition to our high-quality Blu-Ray authoring services, we offer other related Blu-Ray services. We can help you with AACS licensing, and we offer licensed packaging and assembly. If you would like to test the market, we offer short Blu-Ray duplication runs. We can also ship your finished product whether your requirement is one piece at a time or by the thousands.

There are many other ways to use Blu-Ray’s unique functions. Whether your focus is on ingenuity or utility, we can help with your project.

Reach out to one of our helpful customer service representatives to find out more about our cost effective services.

Blu-ray Authoring: $799 (BD-25)
• Up to 23.3 GB high definition video and other content
• Up to 12 chapter points (from client supplied time-code)
• Two Chapter Pop-up menus plus one Set-up Pop-up

Menus and Chapter Points

Top Menu – Full Screen: Static
Top Menu Background Audio
(using client-supplied audio)
Top Menu – Full Screen: Motion
(May use a short clip or montage from the movie or other client source)
Additional Set-up Pop-up Menu
(Audio and Subtitle selection requires individual set-up menus)
Additional Chapter Pop-up Menu
(up to 6 thumbnails)
Additional Full Screen Static Menu





Extras and Bonus Features

Behind-the-Scenes or "Making of…" featurette
(Space permitting – total maximum file size 23.3 GB)
Slide show
(from client sourced digital images)
Trailer & Previews
No charge




5.1 Surround Sound
(from client-supplied sound track)
Director's commentary
Alternate language track
(client-supplied - Maximum 5 language tracks)
Additional audio tracks
(Limited to 3 tracks per video)





(up to three subtitles tracks)
Additional Subtitle tracks
Closed Captioning is not supported by the Blu-ray format.



Projects over 23.3 GB generally require a BD-50

File Conversion


Blu-ray masters submitted for replication require AACS content encryption and should be supplied as BDCMF. BDMV folders submitted on BD-Rs are only acceptable for duplication, though BDMV can be converted to BDCMF.

File Submission

QRS recommends submitting HD QuickTime files or other high definition digital video sources on an external hard drive (Firewire 800 or e-sata).

We recommend creating Blu-ray discs from high definition video only (for single Blu-Ray titles). If your source material is standard definition (SD), we recommend making a DVD since Blu-ray players upscale SD video.

Upscaling SD video will not make it HD but can enhance the viewer experience and is commonly used to put multiple SD titles on one disc.

HDCAM or HDCAM SR tapes are acceptable, but at an additional cost. Call us at 1-800-228-9699 Ex 223 for more details.

Chapter and Set-up Menus are Optional

Your Blu-ray player’s remote or user interface is capable of advancing to the next chapter or returning to the previous one. Also, it can be used to make audio and subtitles selections. Strictly speaking, no set-up or chapter menus are necessary.

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